Signing MOU between Perhumas and the School of Communication Studies Concentration on Public Relations at the University of Mercu Buana, 27 June 2019

MercuSiar Enterprise is an event organizer organized and organized by students of the Public Relations of Mercu Buana University. This activity raises the big theme of Public Relations as a strategic profession that guides organizations to reap the image and good reputation in the long term. The urgency of the Public Relations profession is closely correlated with the ability of the organization to maintain its existence in the public eye. Maintaining existence not only speaks of how organizations face challenges, but how organizations are able to proactively adjust to all dynamic situations as the times develop. In this case, the glasses of a Public Relations are needed as Expert Presciber. Public Relations as a Prescriber Expert is a profession that functions to manage communication in achieving organizational goals. The management of communication is carried out by formulating a communication strategy into a useful campaign or company program. The Prescriber Expert is responsible for the implementation of the communication program evaluation and plays an important role in packaging the organization’s messages aimed at building, maintaining, maintaining and predicting the challenges facing the organization along with formulating solutions and implementing the program properly. The initiative in socializing the professional urgency of Public Relations as an Expert Presciber is a motivation for MercuSiar to hold an Indonesia-Korea Country-themed event. It has become common knowledge that the Korean state has now become the world’s spotlight on its success in attracting the interest of the world population in tourism and its state culture. Therefore on this occasion, MercuSiar Enterprise will raise the theme of Public Relations will be collaborated with the concept of the Indonesian-Korean trend that is being favored by the people of Indonesia, especially the millennial generation. This concept will be combined with Indonesian culture in the nuances of The Wonderful of Indonesia. MercuSiar fully understands that the popularity of the Indonesia-Korea trend will be able to attract the events to be held especially with the nuances of The Wonderful of Indonesia.