Research Data

Research activities that involve lecturers whose expertise is in accordance with the study program by following the format.

Year Research Title
2016/2017 Radio Listening Behavior Survey in Jakarta
2016/2017 The Role of Pekka Jaya Community Radio in Women’s Empowerment in Subang, West Java
2016/2017 Political and Social Participation Rate of the Young Generation of Social Media Users
2016/2017 Correlation Between the Rapport of Children with Parents and Associative Social Relations Through Interpersonal Communication
2016/2017 Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Aetra Air Jakarta
2016/2017 Puppet Commodification on Television (Political Economy Study on Bukan Sekedar WayangProgram on NET TV)
2016/2017 Media Discourse on Naturalizing Foreign Football Players in Indonesia: A Review of the Postcolonial Perspective
2016/2017 Media Construction on the Myth of Democracy: A Study of Mata Najwa Program about Ahok Opponents on Metro TV
2016/2017 Marketing Communication Planning Model in Indonesian Registry Magazine
2016/2017 Phenomenology Study of Gamers Line Ranger Communities in Indonesia
2016/2017 The Phenomenology Study of Brand Awareness at the Luxury Brand Trend in Jakarta
2016/2017 Instructional Communication for Teachers and Autistic Students at SIB Kyriakon
2016/2017 Beautiful Representation in Citra Cantik Indonesia Advertisement in the eye of Tantri “Kotak”
2016/2017 Visual Brand Publicity on Instagram Mercedes Benz Indonesia Proponent Team
2016/2017 Relation between Reading Interest and Writing Competence in Public Relations Participants in Media Relations Courses, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Mercu Buana University
2016/2017 Use of Drones in Production of Live Report News on SCTV (Qualitative Descriptive Analysis on Lebaran traffic Coverage  2017)
2016/2017 Efforts to Communicate Corporate Identity through the Company’s Website
2016/2017 The Dynamics of the Role of Volunteers as Politic Communicators in the Contestation of the Election of Governor of Jakarta 2017
2016/2017 “Construction of News” Simultaneous Election of December 9, 2015 “in Online Media” Cnnindonesia.Com “(Analysis of Framing Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki)”,
2016/2017 Construction of Peace Action News November 4 2016 (Analysis Discourse on Republika, Kompas, and Koran Tempo)
2016/2017 Tourism Decision Making Process Members of the Indonesian Backpacker Community Through the Use of Social Media
2016/2017 Analysis of Handling Issues Pattern by the Government of Tangerang City Regarding Negative News
2016/2017 Interpretation of Audiences Regarding Personal Branding on Social Media
2016/2017 SBY and Jokowi’s State Speech Analysis at the DPR Plenary Session
2016/2017 Communication Patterns of Ta’lim Alif Regarding the Issue of Blasphemy
2016/2017 Role of Tourist Travel Bureau in Promoting Banten Province as a Marine Tourism Destination



Research Title

2017/2018 City Branding of Bengkulu Province through the Tabot festival in an effort to Preserve Regional Cultural tourism
2017/2018 Alienation in Wall-E
2017/2018 Relation between Reading Interests and Writing Competencies of Public Relations Students in Media Relations Courses, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Mercu Buana University
2017/2018 Analysis of Student Competence in Facing the Asean Economic Community
2017/2018 Simultaneous Local Election 2017 (An Overview, Analysis and Evaluation of the Implementation of Simultaneous Local Election 2017)
2017/2018 An Overview and Potential of Women’s Development in the 2016 in Non Formal Sector
2017/2018 Effect of Gita Savitri’s Micro Celebrity Usage as an Endorser on Instagram Social Media toward Consumer Purchasing Interests on Hijup.Com E-Commerce
2017/2018 Video Directing Technique for Gatsby Creative Awards 11th Year 2017 “Assassination Mission”
2017/2018 Mexican Cultural Meaning “Death Festival” in Coco Film (Charles Sanders Peirce Semiotic Analysis)
2017/2018 Audience Satisfaction in Watching DKI Warkop Film Reborn: Jangkrik Boss Part 2 (Survey on Community RT 08 RW 08, Cipulir Jakarta)
2017/2018 Differences Between Expectations and Satisfaction in Watching Hitam Putih Program on Trans 7 (Survey of UMB Broadcasting Students in the 2015 Class)
2017/2018 Meaning of Creativity in Verbal and Nonverbal Messages in Instagram Accounts @ Mimi.Peri (Semiotics Analysis of Ferdinand De Saussure)
2017/2018 Effect of Line Today Features on Student Interest in Reading News Article
2017/2018 Strategy for Producing Babe Sport Programs on MNC Sports
2017/2018 Behavior Implementation in Watching Korean Drama in Daily Communication
2017/2018 Motives ofa use and Relationship Development in Tinder Social Networks in Palmerah Village, West Jakarta
2017/2018 Creativity of Audioman on Music Programs on Television Subscription (Case Study of the Start Track on Music Channel MNC Vision)
2017/2018 Expressions of the Lifestyle of Teenagers Enthusiasts of Korean Pop Culture through Instagram Social Media (Study at the National University of Foreign Language Academy Students of the Korean Language Department)
2017/2018 Application of Intercultural Communication among exchanged students of Mercu Buana University
2017/2018 Effectiveness of Communication Managed Services to Meet Technical Information Needs in the Head Office of PT. Nutricia Indonesia Sejahtera Jakarta
2017/2018 CSR Strategy of PT Astra International Tbk in the ONE Indonesia Award Program to Maintain Reputation
2017/2018 Effect of Customer Relations Activities on Customer Satisfaction at PT Bank Artha Graha Internasional, Tbk Cipulir Branch
2017/2018 Customer Service Activity of PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk Jakarta Kebon Jeruk Branch Office in Handling Customer Complaints
2017/2018 Internal Communication Management at PT. Fleischhacker Solutions Indonesia in order to Reduce Employee Turnover Rates
2017/2018 Effect of Social Media Instagram Usage on Youth Creativity
2017/2018 The Meaning of the Message of the Mural “Working for the Divine” Team’s 3:54 Project at the Daqu Movie Office