Community  Activity

The development of the RPTRA as the development of child-friendly city policies is important for the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. This begins by integrating all commitments and potential resources of the government, community and business world through a comprehensive, comprehensive and sustainable planning system in the form of integrated physical and non-physical facilities. The RPTRA was built in order to provide a child-friendly integrated public space equipped with physical facilities, functioning as a means of providing services and activities especially for children and local residents, so that the RPTRA becomes a place for children’s growth and development, a place for social activities of the local residents, as well as increasing open space green and ground water absorption.

The organizer of the Focus Group Discussion was chaired by Dr. Irmulan Sati, M.Si and members of Anindita, S.Pd, M.Ikom and SKPD along with the Jakarta PKK Provincial Mover Team.

Photo of Mercu Buana University FGD Activities

In its implementation, the DKI Jakarta Province BPMPKB and SKPD along with the DKI Jakarta PKK mobilizing team teamed up with Universities (Mercu Buana University) and CSR (Agung Podomoro land) to become an Integrated team to support the realization of the physical and non physical RPTRA starting from providing locations, completeness facilities and infrastructure, development of RPTRA Management HR up to the activities that will be carried out. The functions and tasks of the Higher Education namely the LPM Team Mercu Buana University, namely (1) conducting a social mapping of locations around the RPTRA consisting of stakeholder analysis, positive and negative network analysis of RPTRA; (2) community consultation consisting of a socialization component on the RPTRA, gathering input from citizens towards the design of the RPTRA, determining activities to be carried out in the RPTRA, and managing and maintaining the RPTRA; (3) assistance for six months after the RPTRA includes monitoring activities.

The RPTRA activities carried out by the LPM UMB TEAM, aim as follows:

  •  Knowing the extent of RPTRA socialization carried out by the local Kelurahan    
  •  Know the extent to which the RPTRA Development is desired by the local community     
  • Knowing the form of challenges and obstacles faced when conducting social mapping RPTRA by UMM LPM TEAM    
  •  Knowing what indoor and outdoor RPTRA activities are appropriate to the needs of the local community

Joglo Urban Village (in RPTRA RIA Damkar Joglo) on Thursday, January 31, 2019

This PPM activity not only made presentations and provided material on themes to be explained to participants, but participants were also given hands-on training (which was also accompanied by students) on how to produce educational content through social media.

Display of Training Producing Positive Content through Social Media, accompanied by Students. The themes discussed at that time were:

  1. Educative Content Designing on Social Media by Finy F Basarah, M.Sc
  2. Development of Digital Opportunities for Youth by Sofia Aunul, M.Sc.
  3. Development of Incakap (Productive Intelligent Smart Internet) for Youth by Anton Ardiansyah