Vision, Mission And Objectives Of Departement Of Comunication Science



Becoming a leading and excellent school of communication science in Indonesia to produce professional workforce in Broadcasting, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Communication that meet the needs of industry and community in global competition in 2024.


  1.  Developing and implementing a higher education curriculum that refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI), industry and community needs, and professional associations, which are evaluated every four years.
  2. Applying creative and innovative learning technology based on local wisdom.
  3. Organizing learning processes that are oriented towards learning outcomes, to produce graduates who have work attitudes, knowledge and specific skills in Broadcasting, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Communication sectors.
  4. Establishing and developing cooperation with the communications industry, professional associations, professional certification institutions, official government institutions, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to strengthen graduates’ competencies through the activities of Three Pillars (Tridarma) of Higher Education
  5. Joining competitions at the national and international level for the achievements in communication science.
  6. Produce graduates who are in accordance with the needs of the communication industry and community and have professional ethics and entrepreneurial spirit.
  7. Providing entrepreneurship education and coaching in collaboration with the entrepreneurship centre of Universitas Mercu Buana
  8. Conducting scientific research and publications
  9. Conducting community service that is synergized with research


  1.   Creating graduates who have nationalism spirit (Pancasila), have national insight, have integrity (in thoughts, words and deeds, honesty and commitment), and apply professional ethics in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in the world of work and community
  2. Creating graduates who have the knowledge, abilities and attitudes that are persistent (not easy to give up), complete, build teamwork, to manage and produce communication programs by developing cultural insights and studies of local wisdom
  3. Creating graduates who have knowledge and analytical thinking skills and critical to conduct studies or research in communication in order to enrich and develop communication theories, methods and models
  4. Creating graduates who are able to utilize information and communication technology, to speak English, to have entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics, open, creative, innovative and adaptive nature, and a desire for lifelong learning
  5. Creating graduates who are competent in broadcasting (news and non-television program production), public relations (communicator and organizational coordinator with internal and external public), advertising and marketing communication (creative strategy, advertising media strategy, and marketing communication strategy) that emphasizes the soft skills such as discipline, honesty, responsibility, creative, thorough and confident, environmentally friendly and local wisdom that support each expertise
  6. Producing research and scientific work that can improve the quality of science and publications nationally and internationally and can be used as a reference for the development of science and / or applications in broadcasting, public relations, advertising and marketing communications and digital communications sectors
  7. Producing works related to the community service mission and show the improvement of the ability of students through regular training in collaboration with the broadcasting, public relations, advertising, and digital communications industries, as well as government institutions, professional associations, and related professional certification institutions that can support professional competence.